Geboortekaartjes jongen


  • Small (10,5 x 14 cm)

  • medium (14 x 14 cm)

  • large (14 x 19 cm)

Type kaart:

  • enkel

  • dubbel


  • wit, mat

  • wit, structuur

a marshmallow world

as sweet as

Lovely lion

spread a little love

magic love

charming smile

You’re so ditzy dotty

the blue garden

happy hero

wild at heart

wind-blown love

salty hair, happy heart

Let’s drive to paris

how blue are you

ti amo

little cheesecake

le petit


le petit wouaff-wouaff

my little valentine

down the rabbit hole

You're so Grraaaauuuu

natural love

a little tenderness

over the moon

milk on the rocks