our philosophy


our philosophy

Busy, busy, fast paced, last minute, update.

Ping, post, send text, chop-chop, getting vexed.

Clock ticking, quick syncing, super speedy, tweet, tweet, click.

Hypersonic, ASAP, PDQ from your PDA.

Give yourself some space.

At popje.com, we believe the special moments in life are worth slowing down for. It takes time to show you care. That thoughtful effort, however small, strengthens bonds. Paying real attention to your loved ones sparks connection, interaction and a glimpse back to a bygone era.

The excited anticipation of a hand-written envelope.

The colourful decoration of a stamp.

The crisp rustle of an envelope being opened.

The scent of the paper and perhaps the sender.

And finally, the treasure within – a specially chosen and crafted card, with a meaningful, heartfelt message.

Popje.com is about touching lives and being unique. Every person, moment and event is special and Marenthe’s beautiful designs reflect this. Popje may well have wings, but we stand with both feet firmly in society. We do our utmost to make the world a better place. We’d love it if you were to join us.